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10/31/2013 – Tips on Choosing Your Domain Types Together with Servers

Posted by Jamison on 31 10 2013.

Establishing a website for business usually drives people to look for a server. However, setting a website is not complete without thinking of a good domain name. Moving immediately to designing a website is not the next course of action since you need to set your brand and it’s possible by choosing the right name.


Most of the time, several website owners are stuck in choosing the right domain for their businesses. This is not only on the actual domain name but also in the naming system to use for their business. To know how to choose the right name together with your server, learn the following details and discover what benefits you will get from this site.


Branding your business through domain name


Remember that your domain name is one of the essential aspects of branding. Use an easy to remember name but it should also bear your business’ name. Keep in mind that visitors should immediately think of your business’ name in visiting your site. To make the name easier, you can choose to write the name in full words instead of using dashes.


If you are planning to set up another website like an additional info site, you can use the keyword you’re targeting as the domain name. this makes your site easy to remember and even allowing more visitors who need info about a certain topic or service.


Choose the right extension name for your site


Your computer files have extension names like .doc, .mp3, .avi and others. Your website also has a naming system utilizing several extensions. While .com is the most used extension for domain naming, there are still lots of options available for your website and they suit specific type of sites that you wish to promote.


.com, in addition to being the most famous choice today, it is also used for businesses or commercial purposes that is why it received its extension. Since this is a famous type of extension, you have more chances of getting noticed online and building your name in the industry.


The next option is the .net site. Most of the time, this extension is the next best choice in case a .com version of your domain name has been listed. In most cases, many entrepreneurs register their domain name under .com and .net to ensure branding since other entrepreneurs may use similar name under a different platform.


Other options for you include .co, .mobi, .org and a lot more.


Your site and your domain


Domain names and servers go together. Knowing these details will help you save money since some webhosts offer free domain for clients who will book their services. Others may have limited allowed number of domains for free while others allow you to register multiple domains at no cost. Compare these features to help you save money and use it as investment for your site.


Choosing your domain name can be quite challenging but knowing these details will let you save money while setting your brand. Find the right domain name and start promoting your business across the globe.