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10/30/2014 – Website Maintenance via cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 30 10 2014.

Think of your favourite online app, or of your most preferred online shop. You very well know what keeps you hooked into buying from the same store over and over again, or what is it in the app or game that keeps you going back to playing it or it. Online tools have become very rampant nowadays and everyone has gone the digital route when it comes to business and advertising. Remember those days when you only had a print advertisement as the only way to let other people know about your business? Remember the latest email you received in your inbox? It would either be a personal email or an email containing an online product or service offer. This is how powerful an email is—it can reach anyone at any given time and it can give your business the ROI that you need.


If you are an entrepreneur, this should ring a bell. This means that there is wide selection of opportunities waiting for you. The advent and expansion of digital landscape has created more doors for possibilities. But you should remember that this also poses a risk to your business because competitors can be really aggressive with their strategies. What you need is cPanel’s hosting services.


Creating a blog or building a website—whichever of these strategies can help you gain ROI. cPanel is a top choice in cloud hosting services. You can experience the ease and convenience of working with a control panel that offers complete and efficient tools and apps. You can manage it like a pro without having to pay a huge amount to an IT expert.


Website maintenance is very necessary in this marketing strategy. Any website or blog will not be sustained if entries and webpages are not updated on a regular basis. People are looking for valuable content, hence, you may say that with blogs and sites, content is indeed the king. Maintaining your site also involves managing your mails and utilizing other cPanel services that are readily available.


One of the best features of cPanel is that it allows you to manage your mail. This allows you to work around your email accounts and perform the tasks around it. You can create emails, remove accounts, or forward emails. It is important that you have a clear picture of each and every feature of cPanel’s email manager tool.


Here is a list of the tools you can utilize:


  • cPanel webmail tool  allows you to access the webmail programs (Horde, Squirrelmail and RoundCube) included in cPanel. You can read your emails through a web browser.
  • This tool allows you to send copies of all your messages from one e-mail account to another. You can also send the messages from all the accounts with one domain to the corresponding ones with another domain.
  • Email Accounts. This tool allows you to create e-mail accounts, define passwords and quotas for them. If you wish to manage the email accounts for a chosen domain, you can also do so separately.
  • This tool is an automated email filtering system that is very helpful in identifying spam messages based on the content of the email’s headers and body.
  • Email Authentication. This tool allows to include additional details in the messages’ headers so they can be automatically recognized by the recipients as legitimate e-mails.
  • Auto Responders. You can use this tool to set auto responder emails.
  • Import Addresses/Forwarders. This tool allows you to import e-mail addresses or forwarders from Excel spreadsheet files (.xls) or comma-separated values sheet files (.csv).
  • User Level Filtering. This tool allows you to manage filters for each user. Each user’s filter is processed after the main account filters.
  • Account Level Filtering. You can manage the filters for the main account. You can also test the existing filters. MX Entry. You can change the MX records for your domain and define on which server to deliver the messages.
  • This is an advanced spam prevention and protection system.
  • Default Address. This feature will “catch” all the mails that are sent to an invalid email address for your domain.