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10/29/2013 – SSL Enhancement: Newly Improved Feature for cPanel & WHM

Posted by Jamison on 29 10 2013.

Nowadays, you will notice the increased number of individuals who prefer going online for their shopping needs considering its offered convenience. Seeing this wave of online buyers moves more people to set up their own online businesses to compete in the market.


Latest technology and the number of people doing online shopping require business owners to enhance their servers’ security features. More people accessing the site can compromise their security, resulting to lost accounts, stolen money, and fraud.


How does cPanel help?


cPanel knows website and server owners’ concerns when it comes to security. The company then offers added solutions that will promote superior security in your servers and website.


This enhanced security features are offered through the latest cPanel version, which is 11.38 version release. The following are some of the innovative security features incorporated with this brand new platform version for cPanel users particularly on SSL enhancements.


SNI or Server Name Indicator


Latest updates on SSL certification system require specific IP addresses. It means that dedicated IP addresses are only set specifically for each certain SSL certificate. The problem is the end user would need to deal with the IP addresses to meet the requirement.


With SNI, the system will start to point out the hostname where the client is trying to connection. This gives way to allowing a server gain several certificates on a single IP addresses. Accounts placed in shared servers that utilize SNI can set up their own certificates automatically minus the need for a dedicated IP address.


While being a helpful solution for everyone, you must also know that this solution requires an operating system that supports its functionality. Common example of an operating system that supports SNI for 11.38 is CentOS 6. Be sure to keep updated to enjoy SNI’s benefit for you.


Improved error checking


Setting up SSL certificates can be daunting using the traditional way. Aside from dealing with the whole process, you must also be careful of making a mistake in integrating SSL within the system. A problem on the certificate can cause more security problems for everyone using this solution.


This new error checking procedure will make the job simple for you by not allowing any problematic certificate from being installed within the system. Aside from simplifying the process of error checking, this update is also considered as an intelligent checking system because of its ability to inform users about problems that require attention. You will be aware of these problems to get it fixed immediately and keep your server’s security level at its finest.


Compatible version for SNI


As mentioned earlier, using SNI requires you to use a compatible or supported operating system like CentOS 6. But in case you don’t have this version, you can use UCC/SAN as alternative. Multiple domain names can be added in single certificates, allowing it to function similarly with SNI.


Security and SSL certification are crucial for your server. cPanel allows you to be confident on your system’s security through its new features. Update your system with the latest version regularly to take advantage of these new features that promote security to your site.