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10/28/2013 – Softaculous Latest Script Updates

Posted by Jamison on 28 10 2013.

cPanel is compatible with numerous types of plugins and add ons that any user would need. As the most reliable control panel, the company supports numerous reliable add ons as well that will help you use this platform without problems and ensuring quality at all times.


Softaculous is one of the trusted add on that can be used for cPanel procedures. As an auto installer that includes numerous plugins that will work for specific individuals’ needs, the brand offers countless updates needed for your website or server.


Latest script updates


Updates on scripts that come together with this add on area always delivered through the company’s website and forum. These updates bring in more function, stability, security and other features that you will find beneficial in the process.


If you’re using this add on, the following are some of the latest script updates available for each user.




WHMCS is an important script used for e-commerce and has been one of the highest rated script. Known for its billing and automation features, Softaculous includes this as one of the top updated script for their users. WHMCS is now available with the version 5.2.5 update released days ago.


The Bug Genie


Famous for project management and tracking, the Bug Genie became also one of the notable scripts experts use today. This version is now available in 3.2.6 update, allowing enhancements to take over the system where it’s used and improve its functionality. With The Bug Genie, you will enjoy a perfect project and well-managed procedures that you need to save time and resources on your project.




Helping you create your own documentation, DokuWiki is one of the finest yet easy to use Wiki script many developers used today. as this solution is designed for developers and their teams, Softaculous released the version 2013-05-10 in order to meet the new demands that arise coming from its loyal users.




The name is widely used by individuals but in the world, this name is famous for being a simple yet PHP-powered program for creating a weblog. A single click is needed to ensure you will have a good blog that you can easily maintain for your website’s benefits. Softaculous released the version 1.7, enhancing its performance for increased number of users.




Today, a lot of companies or professionals offer online courses for their employees or clients. Moodle is an educational-type of program or script dedicated for CMS or Course Management System. A lot of online learning sites utilize this platform and find it as the best solution in setting up an online learning course. Now available in version 2.5, you will get the best, enhanced features to use with your system.


Softaculous makes it possible for you to enjoy the best features possible and fixes offered for their scripts. These are just some of the newly uploaded script updates that you can take advantage of and you can expect more by visiting its blog and website. Be updated with their latest releases to ensure benefits on your cPanel and other website management procedures.


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