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10/26/2012 – cPanel Server Configuration

Posted by Jamison on 26 10 2012.

Installation of the cPanel software to your server is a simple task thanks to the built-in start-up wizard. However, at some point you will likely want to tweak your setup to more properly reflect your specific usage. You can make these changes by clicking on the Server Configuration icon. This is located on your cPanel home screen.


Immediately after clicking the icon, you will be presented with various setup options, including:


  • Basic cPanel & WHM Setup
  • Change Root Password
  • Setup the Initial Quota
  • Server Time
  • Configuration of the Statistics Software
  • Tweak Settings
  • Update Preferences


There are many settings you can adjust from the Basic cPanel & WHM Setup screen. These include but are not limited to adding or modifying contact information and nameservers.


As a web host, there are times when you need to change a password, but you do not have the old one available. This is no problem through the Change Root Password option in your cPanel configuration. Simply open the option and change the password.


Do you have disk quotas enabled for each of your accounts? By using the Setup the Initial Quota feature, you can setup the desired quota. You can also initialize a scan to ensure these quotas are being used.


In order for your cPanel license to work properly, your server must be synchronized with a timeserver. You can set your server’s time zone and have it synchronize with the timeserver through the Server Time feature of cPanel.


Web hosts and website owners alike want to review the statistics as they pertain to each server and website. Statistical software that is installed with your cPanel installation may be configured and viewed through the Configuration of the Statistics Software option.


Every server must be properly tweaked in order to achieve peak efficiency. There are a number of settings to tweak the overall functionality of your cPanel, WHM, and any associated services that are included in your setup.


cPanel, WHM, and most addons are periodically updated. This not only ensures proper functionality, but also updates to security and other features as well. You can set your update preferences in the Update Preferences section of the Server Configuration section. Some web hosts prefer automatic updates, while others prefer to update their software manually. The choice is yours with a cPanel license from