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10/25/2013 – RVSiteBuilder Troubleshooting Tips that Fix Publishing and Previewing Page Issues

Posted by Jamison on 25 10 2013.

RVSiteBuilder helps people bring out the beauty of their website by promoting features that guarantee great designs and functions that any website would need. The company is committed in promoting appropriate branding, which is possible through web design.


Another crucial feature web owners like about this add on is the ease of use it offers to people who plan to build their websites. Individuals today are after the time they must spend in setting their own page. RVSiteBuilder makes it possible for people to come up with eye-catching pages that can draw more potential clients in the future.


Some issues in publishing or previewing the website


RVSiteBuilder is indeed a notable add on for everyone who is in need of the most alluring websites due to its ease of use. However, several individuals, usually beginners, have problem publishing or previewing the page before launching. Naturally, a user would like to see the page first before they put it online. They want to see if the page is already perfect or if they still need to tweak some important details to improve its overall look.


Aside from previewing, some individuals also experience problems in publishing the site itself. RVSiteBuilder developers heard these problems and included probable fixes with the troubleshooting documents at its Support website.


Common publish and preview problems and fixes


Here are the common troubleshooting tips and fixes for these problems experienced in building a website.


Blank page on preview or publish


This is perhaps one of the popular problems in dealing with a website. Showing a blank page on preview or publish can horrify website owners or put them into a great deal of worry. The first solution is to contact the service provider through the SSH to the server as its root and run specific commands. These commands can be found at the support page under the Troubleshooting knowledgebase.


After typing the command, the next step is to run the command /usr/local/cpanel/startup in order to restart cPanel service. Once this procedure is completed, create or change /scripts/postupcp to launch Restarting is unnecessary in doing this procedure since upcp will automatically restart the service.


Connection timeout


This issue is also accompanied by the warning Cannot get cPanel data. When this occurs then the publishing or previewing process will not go through properly. First, you must ensure that the domain is added correctly under your account if it is an add on domain. Verifying that it is a correct add on by going to cPanel/Addon Domains site. Add on domains should display properly if it is included as add on page.


Another thing to check is if the domain’s home directory is found in the server. If it is accessible in the server, be sure to check if the RVSiteBuilder you’re using is at its latest version. Check the version number right at the bottom of the RVSiteBuilder Interface.


These are just two of the common troubleshooting tips offered for common problems in previewing or publishing a website. If you find out that every file is in place and that your server or domain is properly registered, then you can reach RVSiteBuilder’s support site for further fixes that you can do or contact its professionals for assistance.


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