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10/24/2013 – RVSiteBuilder: Easy Migration Procedures for Your Projects

Posted by Jamison on 24 10 2013.

Migration is a common procedure in the online world. A website or server owner tends to migrate to another service provider in case he or she found a more beneficial solution for the business. Migration includes all the files and accounts from a server or configuration to a new solution.


Files to be migrated include the projects used for building a website. Nowadays, you will find RVSiteBuilder as one of the finest add ons to use in building a functional and  beneficial website that meets your needs. This brand, however, makes it possible for you to migrate your projects with ease, promoting efficiency in the long run.


There are several instances as to why you are required to migrate your projects. Here are some of these scenarios and how to accomplish each migration procedure accordingly.


Migrating from a test account to actual hosting account


Testing prior to actual launching is necessary for operations done online. This ensures the system will be flawless once presented online and avoid potential problems that may be caused to page visitors.


Migrating the account would require the end-user to check the tryout account first and backup the project. The backup file can be restored manually on the actual cPanel system and account. Its procedure is probably completed manually but it’s still simpler than expected.


Migration in between accounts in one server


A server can have several hosting accounts and many RVSiteBuilder users if it’s possible to migrate projects from one account to another within a server. The good news is it’s possible. The first step is to backup the project on the RVSiteBuilder interface on the first account. The backed up file then can be restored in different accounts within the server.


On the second account or the migration destination site, you then need to open its specific RVSuitBuilder interface and load the backup file from there. You have now migrated your project on the second account.


Migrate from changed hosting account name


Usernames on hosting accounts can be changed but it also raises the question whether it can still restore the file after the changes. When you changed your username, log on to the RVSiteBuilder placed under the new hosting username and you will see the Missing Project Recovering site or dialogue. Check the project ID’s checkbox and choose submit. This will restore the project under the new name.


Restoring on a new server


Server to server migration is also simple with RVSuitBuilder. Install this add on to the new server and migrate the hosting accounts from the original to the new server. Log on to WHM (root), go to RVSiteBuilder Manager under Add Ons. You will see the Recovering Projects entry there and look for the data that has the Missing Project Recovering dialogue. Look for the project ID, check its check box and submit. The project will then be restored on the new server.


Migrating your RVSiteBuilder is easy regardless of the transfer scenarios you’re dealing with. Follow these tips and you will not have any problems seeing these project files under your new hosting account or in an entirely new server.


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