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10/23/2013 – Using LiteSpeed with cPanel: Basic Information to Learn in Using these Components

Posted by Jamison on 23 10 2013.

You know by now that cPanel supports numerous plugins and add ons. All your needed add ons can be integrated with ease while ensuring appropriate function at all times. LiteSpeed Web Server is just one of the highly suggested any other cPanel users employ within its system and experience its features necessary for various procedures.


Today, you can easily place this program within your cPanel platform, but in using it with your system, you must also find out the right way of using it with your cPanel system. Here are some of the essential factors or procedures to keep in mind as essentials in operating LiteSpeed with your cPanel and server system.


Installing LSWS


LiteSpeed Web Server is a notable replacement for Apache and its features. Documentations prove that this system has been working quite well with cPanel after its 2.2.5 release. By the time Enterprise 3.3.1 version and newer versions are available, this system now sets configuration accordingly with cPanel, making the whole procedure easier for every user.


PHP support


PHP4 and PHP5 are available with LiteSpeed Web Server, so your system utilizing these technologies will certainly work impeccably with your system. However, the default supported PHP version that configures on default setting is PHP4. You still need to activate PHP5 support to build its respective binary.


Building this binary is simple by logging on the web console and selecting ‘Build PHP’ found under the Actions option. The configuration to use for PHP should be the same when you create Apache mod_php.


You can then start using this platform after configuring necessary components.


Apache replacement procedures


As mentioned earlier, LiteSpeed Web Server is a known replacement for Apache, which is an important component in cPanel. Using this solution as a replacement should be no problem right at the installation part up to the configuration the entire setup.


The first part of installing this solution as Apache replacement is to install it as the root user. From there, you can start the configuration process and find it useful in your servers. User/Group must be set to ‘nobody:nobody’. Importing Apache configuration should not be selected to let LSWS do its job. HTTP service point should not be configured to 2080 or 80. After completing this procedure, go to ‘server’ tab and choose General tab. This place will allow you to edit entries under he Using Apache Configuration File.


Consulting the LSWS website for configuration needs


Configuring this add on is easy but if you need to verify some entries, you can visit LiteSpeed Technologies’ website and see the necessary parameters to set. The good thing about visiting the site is the instructions are written clearly including the values you must configure accordingly. This helps you use the system without problems and ensure proper function as promised by its developer.


LSWS is a revolutionary Apache replacement if you wish automation and easy setup. Using this system is easy with cPanel and is notable for being a highly compatible platform everyone can use within the network.


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