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10/22/2014 – cPanel Hosting Dashboard

Posted by Jamison on 22 10 2014.

Juggling more than two tasks can be really challenging, that is why being an entrepreneur would usually require you to be good in multitasking. There are a lot of skills you need to acquire if you are an entrepreneur, one of which is to be able to seek and use opportunities that will be best for your business. If you have been good in researching and observing, you will notice that most of the business have started their own websites. This is an aggressive way of reaching your market and actually targeting more audience to patronize your brand.


A website is significant in terms of your digital presence. It allows you to build your own niche in the online community so you can get as much clients as you want. It gives you the opportunity for growth and expansion and empowers you to explore on other digital strategies that you can link with your site.


Known to be the industry’s most popluar web management interface, cPanel has grown big and recognized by entrepreneurs and marketers because it makes hosting and website management easier and more accessible. cPanel offers a wide selection of features, apps, and tools that that allow site owners to do a lot of things—they can manage their email accounts, get access to their file and databases, facilitate FTP file transfers and SSL security certifications. It has an interface dashboards that are known to be very user-friendly which offers a selection of features that are certified to help your business grow.


Here are the reasons why you should use cPanel in managing your website:


  1. User friendly commands. cPanel is highly recognized for being a web-based control panel that allows web administrators to quickly manage websites, hosting accounts and domain names. It has commands that are easy to understand so clients can easily control their web functions which include managing their databases, accessing their website files, and managing their email accounts.


  1. Easy installation process. Managing the website files is made easy, even for those who are inexperienced in website management. The dashboard offers an easy “Getting Started Wizard” that will guide you through the initial file transfers and email setup processes. New users find the step-by-step tutorials very useful and helpful, and they are all uided through every process in the wizard.


  1. One-Click Applications. Whether you are an experienced or a beginner when it comes to web development, cPanel offers easy-to-use options which you can choose from. You just have to familiarize yourself with the most useful tools so you know which ones to use for your account. Users can easily install applications such as WordPress by simply pressing a WordPress install button located in the dashboard. This means you do not have to worry about PHP code changing, and no need for downloading or manual FTP upload of WordPress files. Imagine how a one-button installation process can make your life much easier.


  1. Easy access to database. cPanel offers easy database management tasks. These tasks include creating databases, editing tables, allocating space to a database and other functions can be performed through the visually clear cPanel buttons. Those web developers who need extensive database management can easily access MySQL databases and even add PostgreSQL options.


  1. Get a backup. cPanel ensures that it is easy and convenient for you to back up your files. By simply clicking on the “Backup Wizard” button, you can already back up your account. cPanel will guide you through the process of backing up your database, email and website.