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10/22/2013 – Welcome the Birth: OpenLiteSpeed

Posted by Jamison on 22 10 2013.

LiteSpeed Web Server is one of the most recommended add on used with cPanel. Also known as LSWS, this solution becomes a famous Apache replacement, which has utmost benefit for individuals who employ it with their cPanel systems. Considering its rank in the industry, the company ensures every user will have the finest version running through updates, fixing potential problems that occur unexpectedly in the process.


In line with the goal of providing the best options for users, LiteSpeed technology recently announced the availability of OpenLiteSpeed for everyone who wishes to experience its features the open source way. This open source solution is still copyrighted by the company, but is now open for free download, modification, and distribution in accordance to the GPL 3 License. Hence, users have an option to customize and modify this solution based on their needs or preferences.


OpenLiteSpeed features in a glance


Coming up with an open source version of the popular server technology brought a lot of question in people’s minds, especially if they have been employing this system for a long time. Which features will be retained? What new solutions will be incorporated in the open source platform? The following are some of the features that come with OpenLiteSpeed.


Memory footprint at the minimum


Improved platform architecture results to faster performance and stability. This receives the credit for making the platform a ‘lite’ and ‘speed’ platform that users will absolutely love to use. Its build makes it more convenient and easy for users to modify while guaranteeing quality performance with every testing.


External application processes delegation


In an Apache module, external application processes will run as part of the server processes. However, OpenLiteSpeed delegates these processes to their respective external applications, giving way to more efficient response to numerous connections. This is one of the promote features that offers this system’s unique appeal for everyone who needs to use this web server technology.


Real time stats


OpenLiteSpeed is powered with a WebAdmin GUI, which delivers real time statistics. Statistics are important when it comes to web server management or administration. So, having these stats ready with real-time values will definitely lower down the roadblocks experienced with web server administration.


Upgrades minus downtime


Restarting LiteSpeed is necessary in order to apply changes like configurations and other upgrades. In some cases, many individuals are concerned as numerous applications don’t restart as expected, causing inconsistencies in the system and without getting the needed results. However, this open source solution is designed to restart properly in order to apply the new configurations set in the system.


Boosted security features


LiteSpeed Technologies is also known for investing on security features. Hence, it’s just normal for OpenLiteSpeed to have the same security features like SSL support, referrer and response rate limiting, IP-based control on access and a lot more.


OpenLiteSpeed gives you the chance to modify the renowned web server technology through its open source build. Version 1.0 is now available for download on its page and with necessary documents that you can use as reference as you explore this solution.


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