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1/02/2015 – How to Use Z-Push

Posted by Jamison on 02 01 2015.

Z-Push (Zarafa Push) is an open source, HTTP-based ActiveSync protocol that lets users be able to synchronize emails, contacts and calendars to multiple mobile devices in real time using PHP.


It utilizes Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol which can be used to synchronize email, personal contacts, files and other items between a central server and a smartphone or any handheld mobile device.


The latest build of Z-Push includes four backends; the IMAP and the Maildir that handles e-mail synchronization, the vCard backend that handles contact synchronization and Zarafa package backend that allows for full synchronization of Email, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks.


How to configure your iPhone


To configure an iPhone to check a Microsoft Exchange or Z-Push email account, just follow these steps:


  1. Press the Settings icon.
  2. Press Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  3. Under Accounts, press Add Account.
  4. Select Microsoft Exchange as the email service provider.
  5. Enter your Email, Domain, Username and Password for the account, then press Next.


By default, the iPhone should try to attempt to use an encrypted connection to the server and will try to validate the certificate. However, some servers are not configured to use SSL and they might receive a “Cannot Verify Server Identity” message from you.


6. Press Continue to accept the certificate anyway.


This is because using SSL for email only encrypts the connection between the client and the server, not the mail relayed between mail servers, so there should be no problem.


7. Enter your server name and press Next.


Again, since some servers are not configured to use SSL, the attempt to connect the account will fail. However you will still get an “Exchange Account” message.


8. Click OK.
9. Press Save.


It is advisable to turn off SSL for the connection to your account. If your server has an SSL certificate installed and the account is configured to take advantage of this, you no longer have to perform the following steps:


10. Press Exchange and select the email account.
11. Press Account Info.
12. Toggle Use SSL switch off.
13. Press Done.


Your iPhone can now check email for a Microsoft Exchange or Z-push email account.


How to configure your Android device


To allows an Android device to be able to check a Microsoft Exchange or Z-Push email account:


  1. Press the Email icon.
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Enter your password.
  4. Press the Manual Setup button.
  5. For type of account, select Exchange.
  6. Enter your Domain/Username.


Like mentioned above, some servers are not configured to use SSL, uncheck the Use Secure Connection option. Using SSL for email only encrypts the connection between the client and the server and not mail relayed between mail servers.


7. Press Next
8. Under Amount to synchronize, select an amount
9. Press the Next button
10. Enter a name for the account (this is optional) and then press Done


You can now view your messages from your Android device by pressing the Email icon.


How to manage accounts or setup additional accounts:


    1. Press the Settings icon.
    2. Scroll down and press Accounts and synch.
    3. Press Add account to configure a new account or select an existing account to manage settings.