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10/21/2014 – cPanel’s Popularity with Bloggers

Posted by Jamison on 21 10 2014.

Do you remember those days when you would refer to printed phone and address directories if you want to reach a retailer to ask if he offers a specific type of fabric? Those days when you have to send a post mail to a friend who lives in a different state? Those days when you got no other means of communication but through making costly phone calls? Gone are those times when communication and business were challenging, where distance seems to be a roadblock, and where things cannot get connected easily.


Toady, when you need to research for a good fabric, you look it up on google, or via your favourite search engine, when you want to reach a friend or share with her a good news, you go to social media or compose an email and she gets it in no time. Technology has bridged distances, it has brought businesses and people closer together, hence, the advent of opportunities waiting for entrepreneurs for their strategies.


The business industry has become more creative with its strategies. More than ever, this is high time everyone steps up to the game as there are lot of avenues readily made accessible for the consumers, thus, competition is tighter and the game just got harder. Blogging is one of the most important marketing strategies that is considered to be of much value.  Creating a blog sounds really fun and easy, but think about it—you have to give your audience a good and meaningful content from time to time. While writing for a smart and discerning public can be itself challenging as a task, you also need to ensure that you get the right hosting panel that will allow you to maintain your blog efficiently.


Other entrepreneurs dread the need to be techie savvy when it comes to blogging, but the good news is you just need to study and be familiar with cPanel’s basic and advanced features so you do not have to hire an expert. A lot of bloggers would recommend that you go for cPanel. It is even deemed to be every blogger’s tool nowadays. Without you being shy about your technical skills, you can easily work around cPanel’s features and tools without messing up.


Just as much as you want to provide your readers and your market good content, you also want them to enjoy their reading experience. You need to ensure that you got the right webpages in place, the layout is perfect, and your account itself is secure and protected.


cPanel enables you to do all of these things. Create and manage your inbox, create a bulk list, edit your webpages, or set up a WordPress site—you can do a lot of important things with cPanel.


Bloggers would usually choose cPanel, as this is touted to be the market leader. Known amongst Linux-based hosting businesses, bloggers and entrepreneurs use cPanel so they can efficiently and conveniently manage and edit their blog or site. It offers a lot of features such as allowing you to access your website, database, emails, check website statistics, or manage your database.


With cPanel, you can focus on the more important parts of the business and use your blog as an enabler of your strategies.