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10/18/2013 – Developer Resources: Essential cPanel Resources for Developers

Posted by Jamison on 18 10 2013.

cPanel & WHM works effectively with numerous programs or applications that people need for daily functionality that promote benefits for the company. However, some programs are not available for consumers, so more developers need to make good applications that will work with this platform.


Aside from making new programs just to benefit users, several developers also wish to set a solid name in the industry by having promoting a specific program with their specific branding and top end features that will make them popular in the market.


cPanel makes software development possible


Since developers made programs that will work with cPanel & WHM, the company helps developers come up with the best software that will be useful for them. It offers software development resources that will guarantee quality programs at all times.


If you are among these developers, you may want to take advantage of the following resources for you to aid in developing a good program that can set your brand and promote other benefits for its future users.


Software development kits


Development kits are important for program developers. cPanel’s development kit is not an actual tool box but a set of documentations that can be useful for making a program. The development kit includes the basics or introduction to cPanel for individuals who will use this platform for the first time, API details, hooks and plugins, configuration details and a lot more. A developer needs all the information he or she can obtain to develop flawless programs and test them before releasing it to the market. cPanel prepares these information to ensure everyone can make their own programs without problems.


Install file generator


Installing a program or a plugin in cPanel can be overwhelming for some starting developers. Installation is not similar in installing regular computer program since developer needs to have a file generator to make this procedure possible. cPanel then offers the install file generator to make this task easier than expected.


Community forums


Community forums are famous for helping other individuals by providing tips or teaching them right away once a member asked for ideas on the community board. By visiting this site, you can have a pool of experts who can be helpful you during the process of developing a program. Don’t hesitate to ask questions among these experts to get the answer that you need to complete your project.


Product development blog


Just like community forum, the product development blog is also a good mean for everyone to get assistance when it comes to developing programs. They put in tips and other information that can be useful in the process, making the whole development task faster than expected.


cPanel is not only present in offering a remarkable control panel for web hosts and owners. They also help developers as one of the professionals in the online world in creating useful programs for every client. As a developer, you may also want to check out this information by visiting cPanel and take advantage of its software development kit.