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10/17/2013 – cPanel Webinar: Get to Know cPanel 11.38 Better

Posted by Jamison on 17 10 2013.

cPanel stands out in the market by offering a high functional and professional control panel for every website owner or host provider. Being high functional in this case is the availability of compatible add ons or plugins that meet specific individuals’ needs.


The famous company is always targeting service improvement by promoting new platform versions with enhanced features that people will surely love. cPanel also wishes everyone will be up to date about the new versions with the help of online documents. What many new cPanel users didn’t know is the company offers more by conducting webinars focusing on their latest platforms. Take the version 11.38 as an example.


The 11.38 Version


The 11.38 release is the latest solution cPanel offers today for its loyal users. This release is still at its Current tier but the company promotes promising features like SSL enhancements, making it the most revolutionary control panel yet for cPanel users.


As 11.38 edition is still at its younger program development age, cPanel understands that not everyone is confident with this new version yet. To introduce this version, the company schedules a webinar that complete its launch in the market. Webinars can also be conducted for other new cPanel products, but 11.38 webinar will be used as example to learn more about the webinars prepared by the company.


How to participate in this webinar event?


Being a part of these webinar events is simple as long as you are updated through cPanel’s webpage. Log on to the cPanel website and you will see an advertisement about the webinar right at the upper part of the page. This advertisement is usually displayed in different color shade, so you will not miss it out once you visited the page. The good thing about this ad is it also has a link that transfers you to the webinar sign-up page for attending the webinar.


Once you are directed to the signup page, you can fill out the registration form by filling all the information required on the site. Fill out the electronic form completely or simply fill out the required fields to be registered in the event.


Information confidentiality


One of the common challenges people face today is the controversy about selling information to third party groups or individuals online. However, cPanel is a trusted name and assures users that obtained information are only for communication purposes like providing updates about the webinar or other information about its service.


System requirements


Remember that experiencing a flawless webinar requires you to meet system requirements set by the event. Example of the system requirement is using the latest operating system on your Windows PC or Mac computer. Attending the webinar using your mobile phone is also possible by using iPhones, iPads, and similar devices that run on Android operating system.


Webinars will surely let you know about the modern solutions offered by the company like 11.38 version. All you need to do is to go online and be updated with the upcoming seminars about cPanel’s new offer. Register and meet the system requirement to attend these events without problems.