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10/16/2013 – cPanel Updates: Latest News About the Company’s Platform Versions

Posted by Jamison on 16 10 2013.

cPanel professionals always move forward in providing useful updates for its users. As of recent news, the company already has the version 11.38 cPanel & WHM, which is the most promising version yet with its new features as offered to people’s needs.  This latest version is now under the Current tier, which means cPanel will continue to work on its functionality until it reaches the Stable level.


But aside from new cPanel versions, the company also promises continuous support for available platform versions as long as they are not at their EOL or End of Life. The company also ensures continuous update when it comes to security. cPanel commits itself in extending security updates that will keep their users’ minds at ease when it comes to system safety.


Recent updates for all available versions


In the latest news, the company once again released updates or enhancements that concentrate on its system’s security. Since cPanel is employed for servers and websites, it’s just important for its owners or users to incorporate the finest security features that protect the system from potential inconsistencies.


Here are some of the details that come with the latest updates according to the documentations the company presented online.


Focus of the latest update


The latest security update concentrates on resolving several issues that involves reseller privileges. Several reseller privileges can be unchecked and cause problems when it comes to system stability and security. cPanel targets to continuously protect users and resellers from potential harm any online access can bring to their systems.


Anything can be a malicious user in the online world. Aside from malicious websites or scripts, cPanel reports that potential malicious resellers can cause problems when it comes to users’ privileges in using their respective systems.


Malicious users can have the ability to deny services or access. They utilize a handcrafted URL, which has the ability to overwrite .ssh files found in the root directory. It generates specific keys or codes that cause denial of access once used. This can be problematic for resellers and even for users, especially if they cannot access specific functionality as promised by the system.


Security level rating


cPanel makes it a point to rate their extended security updates to emphasize their importance among users. This new security update received a security rating as Moderate. Moderate is rating provided to instances that are less likely to compromise a system or occurs in rare instances or scenarios. Most of the time, cPanel reports that these issues are only often caused by misconfigurations within the control panel system. Hence, this problem don’t have to worry users that much but it’s still recommended to install these updates once available to ensure system stability at all times.


Installing this update is simple as it automatically downloads in the system, as long automatic updates have been activated.


This latest security update is something that should not concern users when it comes to system protection. Nevertheless, installing this anyway will offer more benefit in keeping the system at its finest performance and avoiding possible problems like denial attacks in the long run.