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10/15/2013 – cPanel & WHM 11.38!

Posted by Jamison on 15 10 2013.

cPanel surprises the Internet and webhosting world once again with the availability of version cPanel & WHM 11.38. Or it’s probably not a surprise since the company is famous for promoting new platform versions while offering support for their earlier released solutions.


Recently, cPanel released the news about 11.38 version, which is the revolutionary cPanel & WHM platform the company offers today. Packed with new and enhanced features, this version is now in the Current Tier.


Version 11.38 and Current Tier


Current tier is the build tier where cPanel placed the new versions they release online. Considered as the tier of the younger versions, cPanel professionals continue to keep these new releases under observation for possible bugs or inconsistencies that affect functionality, security and ease of use for users. You may just notice that the company will start to release updates like bug fixes to solve these problems.


As a new release, you will have the following features that will benefit your cPanel processes and server in the process.


Backup enhancements


Backup, as mentioned in past posts, is crucial for every website owner and even regular computer users. This new cPanel version has optimized backup procedures allowing easy backup procedures compared in the past. Its optimization includes saving backups from different locations and even cutting the time needed to perform complete backup. This boosts efficiency that will surely benefit your business in the long run.


SSL Management enhancement


SSL management is an essential procedure to do for your website for certifications, particularly if a server has multiple SSL certificates to manage. Enhancements include server name indication, hosting several SSL websites under one account, and UCC certificate support. The good thing about this change is it’s simple to integrate in the user interface changes.


Mail system changes


Mail improvements include auto configuration of the email autodiscovery host. Configuration is essential to promote the best functionality this procedure can offer to every cPanel user.


Email tracking is another vital procedure many website and server owners do in their online storage locations. This improved feature will make sure the From header will completely match the search queries done while tracking email.


Jail system update


Restricted file system are available in the system through virtfs. This makes jailshell possible for individuals who wish to set their shell to this option or ‘noshell’. Improvements for this feature are extended and make it more compatible for individuals’ needs. Updates include mail delivery system that promotes awareness of jailshell or read-only setup for different platforms like CentOS 06, RHEL 6 and others.


Improved transfer speed


Transfer speed has been boosted by enabling support like pigz to pkgacct feature. Updates on speed include improvement on account transfer, compressed backups and full backup of accounts on cPanel interfaces.


This new version is indeed something to look forward to for cPanel users. As it is available in the Current tier, using it may still have some inconsistencies but rest assured that the company would come up with fixes necessary for improved functionality. You will also expect this version to move up to the next tier level after some time.