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10/14/2013 – cPanel & WHM 11.34: Another EOL Notice from cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 14 10 2013.

Old sayings indicate that change is the only permanent thing in this world. And this is highly evident in the world of digital technology and webhosting. Modern-day technology gives way to better solution just like in the case of cPanel.


As of recent news, cPanel delivered notice about End of Life for Version 11.32. By the time it reached its date, the company won’t be extending any support for the platform and suggests everyone to migrate to a new cPanel released early on. This will help prevent the potential problems caused by the lack of updates or support.


The blow doesn’t seem to end


With version 11.30 reaching its EOL and 11.32 approaching its end fast, many cPanel users might feel that the blow of EOL announcements is too much to deal with. Every EOL news is delivered faster than expected. Nevertheless, users must be positive about these news updates because they help in improving the overall cPanel processes and contribute well to their respective niches.


Details about version 11.34 EOL


As a cPanel user, you don’t have to immediately jump into conclusion or get worried right away, especially if you are using 11.34 version. This latest news is just an EOL announcement. Unlike version 11.32, 11.34’s EOL is not until six months from now. Hence, this is just a way for cPanel to prepare users for the upcoming EOL and schedule their migration accordingly.


The scheduled EOL for 11.34 will be on October 15, 2013. You still have several months to set your schedule and migrate to your preferred platform after 11.34’s EOL.


Replacement and migration procedures


cPanel professionals suggests to get the version 11.36, which is the currently stable cPanel & WHM version available for users. The company suggests this version since its EOL is still scheduled next year, giving you longer time in managing your server and site without the need for migration.


Aside from version 11.36, version 11.38, which is the latest build is no at its Current Tier. Hence, you will have a lot of support for this new version once it has been pushed to Stable tier. This version gives you much longer time without the need to migrate. Keep your page updated about improvements in this version to ensure you will have a very stable system to use for site and server maintenance.




Migration should not be a problem for cPanel users as the company ensures to make the procedure easier and faster. It knows that cPanel users are commonly businessmen who don’t want to spend a lot of time in completing this procedure. This is a crucial factor since they are busy individuals. With the help of this system, you don’t have to worry about migration and make sure you will have a good solutions for your site.


Even though it’s still six months prior 11.34’s EOL, being prepared is the key to assure convenience and stability within your cPanel system. Check these new versions regularly to find out what new features are offered for you through these latest releases.