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10/10/2013 – cPanel & WHM: The Importance of Checking the Change Log Page

Posted by Jamison on 10 10 2013.

cPanel has been in the market for a long time and its age indicator is the number of cPanel versions released in the industry. The company aims to improve its control panel at all times and never fails in delivering results when it comes to performance.


The importance of this platform results to users being updated with the new releases. However, what most users don’t know is the significance of reading change logs presented together with the release of the new versions.


What are change logs?


Change logs are documents released online each time new versions are launched on its website. As documentations themselves, they list down the changes that occurred in between released versions, making it an important document to read. Nevertheless, not everyone reads these documents. It’s just the right time to emphasize the significance of reading these documentations, particularly for those who plan to be program developers or master cPanel expertise.


Understand the new features integrated with the new release


New releases always come with latest features that cPanel professionals find beneficial for their clients. For instance, changes set for the 11.27 will be placed on the 11.28 change log. Earlier versions serve as the development platform for the new releases, so their change logs are updated on the new version’s documentation.


The good thing about change logs is changes are documented in list forms, so it’s very easy to read and understand on your end. People always have an impression that these documentations are like thesis papers that can be challenging to read. Rest assured that these documents are direct to the point, giving you a list of the necessary details that you need.


Included info on system fixes


Looking at the main change log page may give you an idea that it only list details about the new versions. However, change logs are more detailed than expected, as they don’t only contain the major changes but also fixes that come with the enhancements.


cPanel experts take note of different inconsistencies noticed in the system and even compile them in case numbers. After studying the problem carefully, experts place fixes and their respective details on the change log to explain the reason why they released the aforementioned fixes. Remember that cPanel is not only available in major version releases but also its updates and you can read its details by visiting the change log page.


Other vital information for developers


Being a developer requires you to know how cPanel works as well as its build. Change logs give you all the details that you need in order to match your application’s build with it. As long as you went with the version’s build, you can develop a good program and all that is left is to test your developed product itself prior to launching.


Reading change logs may not matter to you, but keep in mind of its importance particularly if you are into program development. Alternatively, even if you’re not a developer, simply understanding the changes that occurred in the new versions will be useful for you as you continue being a cPanel user.