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10/09/2013 – CloudLinux Security Features

Posted by Jamison on 09 10 2013.

CloudLinux is the revolutionary storage and OS system offered these days for modern cPanel users. It offers fast performance together with other features that benefit web owners, server providers, developers and other online professionals. In fact, cPanel and CloudLinux work together perfectly as their features complement each other while working towards the goal of providing exceptional services to users.


A commitment to security


Every server owner and provider wishes to increase security in his or her own online storage solutions. In fact, they don’t only wish for it but make it possible in their own ways. Users invest new solutions that can keep their servers free from hackers or any unauthorized access that may affect the entire system. CloudLinux, on the other hand, helps host providers and website owners to deal with potential server attacks with its enhanced security features.


Security in the cloud


CloudLinux aids every server owner be more confident and feel secured within the cloud system through its enhanced security features. The following are some of the features offered when it comes to security.


Specific rooms for each account or user


CloudLinux gives users their specific ‘rooms’ for their server accounts. Hence, they won’t see each other’s account within the network. Server visibility can be problematic for many users. There is a mindset that as long as their own servers are visible, hackers will find it easy to get around and hack their details. Therefore, it increases the chances of compromising their own security. With CloudLinux, users won’t have any problems about their servers being visible to other fellow clients. They will only see their own servers and accounts, keeping their mind at ease in terms of security.


Individual access to processes


Several users need to see their processes in detail for monitoring or configuration purposes. Similarly with having their own server rooms, they will only see the processes they run, including the directories where they are set as they are only available for them. So, if you will be a host provider to clients, you can assure each of your client that they will only mind their own processes and keep them from being accessed by other individuals.


Preventing numerous server attacks


Hacking and malware invasion have been the major causes of headache for both server owners and providers throughout the years. However, CloudLinux completely enhanced its system and prevented numerous, major server attacks other servers experience.


The company knows that these attacks will give hackers an advantage in accessing their own server accounts and even financial details. It invested in numerous solutions that ensure its clients’ online safety is boosted several percentage more than expected. As long as they are with the company, clients don’t have to worry about server attacks and keep their files and accounts safe.


CloudLinux brings utmost protection in the cloud today with these features. The good thing about this add on is it works effectively with cPanel, so it can be easily integrated and ready for use. Discover this new solution as you enter the online world within the cloud together with its heightened security features.


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