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10/08/2014 – Security Section Tools in cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 08 10 2014.

When you need a new top, a good book, or a hotel to stay in, where do you usually refer to? You would head to your computer, click on your credit card account, book that accommodation for a much awaited accommodation, or click on the pay button so you can get your most wanted top. People have used the internet as a go-to in their endeavours. This is how consumers behave and this is the new path that entrepreneurs should tap into. If you have a business, you should put in mind that the internet is the newest, most relevant, and most effective platform for your marketing strategies. Create a blog, build a website—this is how the world will see you. The next step is look for a web hosting provider, and this is where cPanel comes into the picture.


You see your favourite brand’s website and you wonder how the people behind the site maintain such big tool, but in return this tool gives them ROI that sometimes go beyond the plan. Maintaining your site is another side of the story. You cannot just copy paste all the details and photos that you want your audience to see. You want to direct them to the pages where they would be able to appreciate your products, you want them to understand the services you offer, and above all, you want them to decide to believe in your business. You can only do this if you have a good and efficient website.


cPanel gives you the opportunity to choose the features that you need—from email and account management, to managing your domains to creating new ones, from backing up your accounts to managing your files. cPanel also has a security section tool that gives you the guarantee that your account will be protected and your site will not be accessed without your permission. cPanel’s security section includes tools such as the IP Deny Manager, Leech Protect, Password Protect Priorities, and Site Security Check. You can also protect selected parts of your website from unauthorized access.


Here are the tools and features which you can use to ensure that your site is protected:


  • Password protect directories. This feature allows you to limit the access to specific sections or resources of your website through protecting the directories where you stored them. You can use a password to do this.
  • IP Deny Manager. This feature allows you to prevent a domain name, an IP address or even a range of IP addresses from accessing your site.
  • Hotlink protection. This is very important for your business because this will help you prevent other website from directly linking to files on your own site.
  • Leech protect. This feature is also useful as it allows you to prevent your users from giving out or publicly posting their password to a restricted area of your site. This feature will redirect accounts which have been compromised to a url of your choice
  • Site Security Check. You very well know that your website’s security is considered to be the most important aspect of web site administration. You want to ensure your business growth, to protect your reputation, and to achieve your goals as an entrepreneur. This feature that your domain names are not marked as possible threats by Google Safe Browsing and similar tools.