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10/08/2013 – Unmanaged vs. Managed Dedicated Servers

Posted by Jamison on 08 10 2013.

Servers are vital investments when it comes to online businesses as well as to offline businesses that just need to set a website. When it comes to acquiring servers, clients can take advantage of a wide array of services that come with the server plan.


Typically, shopping for server plans include looking at their offered features like disk capacity, memory module and bandwidth and other features. However, server providers would also have other additional services particularly for individuals who will take dedicated servers. This includes unmanaged and managed servers.


This service primarily focuses on the type of management service a client would like to have their system. In order to know the service type that you need, be sure to know first about what both offers and the benefits that come with them.


Managed servers


Managed servers mean that you will have other individuals managing the server. Having another individual, particularly experts, will surely ensure that your server will run at its finest performance at all times. However, managed servers still come in various types that will suit your needs as well as budget like the following.


Full management coming from service provider


This is the type of server management where you completely leave things to the hands of experts. They are the ones who will manage your server starting from technical operations, updates and other maintenance procedures that you need. Hence, you don’t need to touch your server as experts will manage it for you.


Managed servers


Unlike the first option, you can also manage your site but with moderate support coming from the expert who provides the service. some clients prepare this option since they need to be updated or see the server themselves. They are the dedicated server owners so they need to be updated with its processes including other factors that will let you know more about your investment. However, the expert who gave you the server will do majority of the procedures.


Self-managed servers


This option may already qualify for an unmanaged server since the owner itself manages the server. However, this option still receives support coming from the service provider. The amount of support from these servers may only be fewer than what managed servers have but it doesn’t remove the fact that experts still take part in managing this drive.


Unmanaged server


On this type of server, you yourself will manage the website with no or extremely little support coming from the service provider.  Server providers will only take charge of the some tasks that they do on their end and let the client do the maintenance they way they want it. Many clients choose this option since it’s cheaper instead of letting experts do the job.


These are just the type of server management options to choose from if you plan to invest on dedicated servers. Remember to match the service that you need or your budget by knowing these features. Keep your server running properly with the right maintenance procedure that you require.