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10/04/2013 – Comparing Autoinstallers

Posted by Jamison on 04 10 2013.

cPanel & WHM are effective website and server management components on their own right when it comes to features. However, promoting added function is possible by utilizing more add ons available for every expert who wishes to use the solution for cPanel procedures.


Autoinstallers and script libraries are among the famous add ons installed with cPanel. It offers convenience for user since all they need to do is to place the autoinstaller and let it bring all other essential components that you need for your different online procedures. Today, there are three recommended add ons that you can use with cPanel that bear these functionalities like Fantastico, Softaculous and Installatron.


If you’re not sure in terms of choosing the best add on, here’s a triple team comparison to let you know what you will get from these solutions.




Fantastic is a type of add on that allows you to access its script library and use it for automating programs and processes on applications installed on webpages. With its script, you will attain optimum website management that you need. If you wish to set a database, scripts offered by this add on will ensure you will be able to create your chart without problems while allowing you to conduct other management procedures required by your website.


With the availability of scripts coming from Fantastico, you will have a good WordPress blog, share photos, set a your own wiki pages, shopping cart and a lot more.




Softaculous is just like Fantastico, which is a collection of script used for website application and its automation process. Install these apps with ease while creating other necessary charts and database when you need it as well as configuring the system based on your need. By comparing its features, Fantastico and Softaculous have similar features but what makes them difference is that the latter offer more script types. Hence, you will empower your site by using Softaculous and ideal if you are in the process of enhancing your page.




While the first two are script libraries, this solution is designed as an application installer that operation on various platforms. The function of this autoinstaller is giving life to control panels through its icon and graphic. With its offered features, people utilize this solution for their control panel and take advantage of its ability to beautify their interfaces.


Even if this solution is focused on offering graphics, it still allows you to take advantage of application functions that you need for your site like applications. You can set your a blogging platform, database, wiki and others that you would require to make your website standout more in the industry.


Overall, you have these options to help you in automation procedures for your page and supporting applications that you need. You will get more supported functions with Softaculous but the other two choices also won’t lose when it comes to offering benefits for your website. Check their other offered features and find the best choices for your website and business.


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